BenderHead AEF from Altered Ego Fonts is an irregular weight font that's casual, informal, and definitely out of the ordinary.

Now, more than ever, the world needs BenderHead.

benderhead AEFWhy? – Because... it just does. Don't ask why, just take our word for it.

BenderHead has its thicks and thins all mixed up. For you typographic aficionados, stroke weights and hairline weights aren't consistent, and many rules of typographic design were broken to make this font.

We're sure there's a use for it... we've used it on CD covers and posters - and have seen it on a poster for the Zelda video game at Babbages.

It's offered here for the first time through Altered Ego Fonts.

I don't think we need to explain its history, its inspiration, or its historical reference to you... (we're not certain there is any.) Just accept it as it is, and use it profusely.

Benderhead AEF features a full character set, including the Euro. You can preview Benderhead with the AEF FontViewer. It supports the following codepages:

  • Latin 1
  • Latin 2 (Eastern Europe)
  • Western Baltic
  • Turkish

AEF highly recommends the OpenType version for compatibility with future Macintosh and Windows operating systems. Not to mention that OpenType works better in Adobe InDesign. Still using Quark? Be free!

Postscript TypeOne and TrueType versions only available through Phil's Fonts, and only support Latin One character set.

Additional Info