Eclectic Three™

eclectic three fontAE Eclectic Three contains dingbats and a special set of glyphs which make it simple and easy to create registration and fill-in forms for print materials. Create rules with hash lines, fill-in boxes and many other variations. Also includes handicapped, recycled and arrow right/left symbols.

The Eclectic family is legendary, with a cult-like following among the inititated. With over 100 characters in the complete set, you'll find yourself using Eclectic Three almost daily to add spice to your otherwise san-serif typographic existence.

Will it never end? Only when the earth stops spinning. More stuff from the junk drawer of my mind, for print, for the web! Instant buttons! Shockwave and java animations! Make borders, embellish your designs, make your boss look good. And if you are the boss, win your employee's praise by buying them this great font.

This font also features a useful set of icons for creating registration forms for print applications.

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