Lil Milton™

Lil Milton is full of energy and excitement, like the blues legend that inspired its name.

lil-milton-specimenIrregular counters (and irregular outlines!) creates a dissonant harmony of form and function. Stretch it, but don't condense it for a righteous look. Lil Milton is the perfect companion to Adobe Myriad Tilt.

Lil Milton AEF features a full character set, including the Euro. It supports the following codepages:

  • Latin 1
  • Latin 2 (Eastern Europe)
  • Western Baltic
  • Turkish

AEF highly recommends OpenType for compatibility with future Macintosh and Windows operating systems. (Not to mention that OpenType works better in Adobe® InDesign™.)

Additional Info

  • Available Formats:: Available font formats will be displayed on purchasing page, along with any available packages. We recommend OpenType format; not all fonts are available in all formats such as Postscript, TypeOne and OpenType.