Greenbriar™ AE

greenbriar AEFGreenbriar AEF from Altered Ego Fonts is an multi weight and width font with its roots in blackletter and the combs of a beehive.

Greenbriar AEF bears resemblance to blackletter, crisply drawn and creating a hypnotic rhythm through the interplay of stroke and counter, weight and width.

The Greenbriar numbering scheme is based on the weight and width axes of a multiple master from which the instances are generated. The first number in any of the series (1 through 5) relates to the width. The second two numbers (20 through 80, in 20-unit increments) relates to the weight within the width series.

Mix and match the series for a hypnotic typographic extravanganza!

AEF highly recommends the OpenType version for compatibility with future Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

AE Greenbriar is available in OpenType in the following weights:

Additional Info

  • Available Formats:: Available font formats will be displayed on purchasing page, along with any available packages. We recommend OpenType format; not all fonts are available in all formats such as Postscript, TypeOne and OpenType.