Eclectic Two™

eclectic-twoAE Eclectic Two contains more of the useful and the sublime. Alarm clock time icons and many characters which connect add extra usefulness to this dingbat font. Stuff you'll need someday for a graphic element, bullet or dingbat application. Perfect for website icons!  When will it ever end?  EclecticTwo is like the junk drawer in your kitchen, with even more stuff crammed in. Filled with symbols you can use anytime, elements for borders; an upper case typeface, alarm clocks and the paper plane. Not all characters are shown, font has over 150 images. Scorchin'!

The Eclectic family is legendary, with a cult-like following among the inititated. With over 100 characters in the complete set, you'll find yourself using Eclectic Two almost daily to add spice to your otherwise san-serif typographic existence.

This font is essentially a soap opera of typographic image elements, created for projects when I couldn't find the “thingbat” I needed. Almost more of a collection of illustrations, there are many characters which connect to form patterns, and of course it’s like a “small neutral European country” army knife for the creative community.

EcTwo features an complete architecturally-inspired alphabet, more of those smiley face variations, the eight ball, alarm clocks for the hours, the bouncing ball (with connecting dotted lines!), the paper airplane (flying and crashed!), the work dog, the chainsaw, Dorothy’s slippers, the sideways arrows again, a handicapped symbol, chicken feet tracks, male/female symbols, gears, polynesian-inspired ornaments for patterns, a lighthouse, a torch, and more. Sounds twisted, eh? Make your own juxtapositionsof characters for funky borders.

Preview AE Eclectic Two:

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